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Why Hire Sue?

Sue Augustine is currently regarded as one of our nation’s
top inspirational and thought-provoking professional
keynote speakers and authors.

Without exception, she is highly acclaimed by audiences internationally for her high-energy, content-packed presentations. Whether she’s presenting an inspiring conference keynote, a motivational staff development seminar, an uplifting retreat presentation, an entertaining after-dinner speech, or a corporate training workshop, Sue has a unique talent for skillfully combining humor and genuine insights with practical strategies and life-changing principles. As one event planner comments, "Sue's message, manner of delivery and stage presence are magnificent."

Through limitless laughter, personal warmth, down-to-earth wisdom and an outstanding ability to connect with the audience, Sue’s motivational presentations help to bring your group together with a sense of purpose, passion and direction. With her commitment to excellence and her heartfelt concern for people, she is one of the most gifted communicators in her field.

Sue regularly receives rave reviews and standing ovations. Meeting planners continually get pats on the back for their decision to book her. They are amazed at how helpful and easy to work with Sue is, and they appreciate that she actually gets seriously involved in the event. She will attend as much of your conference as she can in order to listen to the other presenters and meet the participants so they have a sense of who she is before she speaks. Through her pre-program survey, Sue immerses herself in your organization and its culture to learn the language of your people so she can customize her keynote, seminar or workshop to meet specific needs. She does her homework and it shows.

Sue has national and international experience, a wide knowledge base, and knows how to speak to your heart, mind and soul. She has a message people remember. Sue releases a spirit of empowerment and leaves an impression of optimism and "can-do" which is long lasting. By selecting Sue as your speaker, you can feel confident that you'll be offering your people a stimulating, informative and memorable experience.

Options Available:

b) Sue will conduct a concurrent seminar in addition to the keynote

Many conference and retreat clients decide to have Sue present a concurrent seminar or spousal program in addition to her keynote address. More than one event planner has hired Sue to be the only speaker at a three-day conference, where she covers many aspects of achieving success. Once you decide to engage her, Sue is committed to giving you everything she's got.

c) Consider Sue to lead a corporate training workshop or seminar

Many companies with their own in-house training departments in place still choose to bring in Sue to offer a seminar or workshop that supports what is already being done. By being an outside voice, Sue has a talent for enhancing the message you want conveyed. Aside from that, Sue offers unique, results-oriented personal development and professional excellence seminars that may be new to your organization. Either way, each seminar and workshop is fast-paced, and filled with practical tools, useable techniques, and plenty of humor so participants spend a lot of time laughing while they learn.

d) Have Sue present a keynote at your customer appreciation events
It's not always easy to find something truly splendid and significant to do for your customers to express your gratitude for their loyalty. Some clients have planned customer appreciation events with Sue presenting a keynote or seminar. Not only are customers given the opportunity to take part in an entertaining, inspirational and informative presentation, but also they connect that positive experience to you - the host! This becomes a powerful marketing tool and in some cases, depending on the nature of your business, results in recruiting opportunities.

e) Sue will present a keynote, seminar or workshop for your women’s conference or retreat
Although Sue speaks most often to mixed audiences, there are times when she is asked to present a keynote, seminar or workshop at special events geared toward women. Sue's female audiences continually tell her they appreciate hearing success principles and life balance strategies from a woman’s perspective. After hearing Sue's personal story of conquering tremendous odds to get where she is today, (as featured in her book, With Wings, There Are No Barriers and also Chicken Soup for the Soul), women walk away saying, "If Sue can do it, I can too."

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