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Seminars & Workshops

Sue Augustine is a dynamic, personable, and thought-provoking
seminar and workshop leader who challenges her audiences
to rethink the way they have always done things.

With humor, wit and wisdom, Sue captivates and inspires your people by always providing high-content, take-home value. Participants leave each high-energy seminar and carefully customized workshop with the motivation and tools needed to achieve excellence, increase productivity and improve their quality of life.

Seminar & Workshop Topics include:    

Living Stress-Free in the Midst of Chaos
(or Stress Survival.CALM)
Sanity Secrets & Survival Strategies for Stressed-Out People

In this lively, interactive, solution-oriented workshop, Sue Augustine informs, inspires and entertains as your audience discovers dozens of proven “sanity secrets” to break the stress cycle once and for all. Sue’s unique, down-to-earth approaches for handling job stress and personal pressure are realistic, achievable, and get results! Whether it’s the stress of workplace demands, daily hassles, business frustrations, personal difficulties, health or financial challenges, relationship conflicts, or all of the above, these stressors trigger a host of problems. Sue offers effective solutions including the healing power of humor, strategies to stay calm in spite of the turmoil, and ways to get it together when you’re pulled in all directions! She knows you can’t improve your effectiveness or enjoy your life, job and relationships when you’re suffering from work overload, burnout, daily annoyances, or worry and fear caused by uninvited change. The strategies in this dynamic workshop are practical and proven. The best part is that workshop participants experience exceptional results by having the opportunity to exchange useful information, perform problem-solving exercises, and brainstorm constructive solutions to stressful situations and conditions.

Maximize Your Time & Energy
How to Get It All Done, Stay Sane and Have Time Leftover!

If you don’t have the time or energy to attend, or you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, this seminar is for you! Sue Augustine shows you innovative techniques to get the most done in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort. With practical resources, Sue provides new perspectives on the real purpose of time management. Through her powerful illustrations, she introduces the tools we need to meet deadlines, manage priorities and get control of our day. In this relevant and revolutionary seminar, participants discover specific techniques to avoid typical time thieves, beat procrastination and reap the benefits of innovative planning.

"Sue, I have taken and evaluated several time management courses over the years and I found yours to be the most informative and fun! Your knowledge, material and enthusiasm for this topic far exceeded my expectations."

Marilyn Hoyles, Human Resources, Dupont Canada Inc.


Organize Your Life & Stay That Way
How to Live Clutter-Free At Last!

When professional speaker, Sue Augustine, presents this hilarious, high-impact workshop, she’ll show you how to shrink your piles without using Preparation H! How often do you feel frustrated by the clutter in your life? Are you tired of hunting for something you had in your hand just a moment ago? Perhaps your office or home looks like it's gone through the spin cycle and you've just about had it with stacks of papers, magazines and catalogues covering work surfaces. Maybe you’re afraid to open a closet or cupboard for fear of an avalanche. Lack of organization turns even the simplest task into a struggle. In this practical workshop, Sue shows you that getting organized isn't as difficult as it seems. It's a skill that can be learned and involves a state of mind anyone can develop. Sue is the first to admit she isn’t organized by nature, so she’s developed the techniques in her workshop for people like her who can’t stand clutter but aren’t sure what to do about it. This workshop will give you a wealth of ideas, strategies and motivation that you need to get organized quickly and permanently, bringing a new sense of order and calm into your life.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your presentation to our group was so well received we are still hearing comments on it. Your personal experiences made it all the more meaningful."

Isabelle Costanzo, President, New York State Business Travel Association


Life Balance: The Juggling Act
Finding the Right Work–Life Balance

Peace, tranquility and serenity are words we don’t hear often these days. Motivational speaker Sue Augustine knows when your schedule demands more of you than you’re able to give, you are in danger of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. To prevent burnout, Sue has developed a seminar packed with effective tools and powerful strategies to help you handle the multiple roles that define your hectic life. In this seminar, you'll discover manageable approaches with step-by-step systems for reclaiming your personal, family and work life. You'll juggle job priorities, home responsibilities and relationships with new ease. Within days after the seminar, you'll begin to experience the harmony and peace of mind you've been missing. 

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did in providing us with a thought-provoking and riveting session. Your presentation was exactly what the Conference needed."

Debbie Robertson, Conference Coordinator, Investment Funds Institute


Courage, Confidence & Positive Risk-Taking
Surviving Changes and Challenges

Sue Augustine, international speaker and author, knows that lifelong security is a thing of the past – at work, at home and in our world. Many intelligent, competent people are struggling to deal with the uncertainty that accompanies our changing times. Being "change-skilled" and open-minded is quickly becoming the most valuable asset people can offer their organizations. Risk-taking has become the norm, yet whether it's a physical, social, financial or emotional risk, it’s fear and doubt that often hold people back from experiencing life to the fullest. In this seminar, Sue presents practical concepts and innovative strategies for individuals and organizations, equipping them to embrace new methods and changes with optimism. Sue’s pertinent change management seminar offers the skills needed to smoothly manage yourself, your projects, and others through the turbulence of change. By developing the courage and confidence to be a positive risk-taker, you’ll be propelled in your career and personal life along an upward journey toward achievement, satisfaction and fulfillment.

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