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Keynote Address

When your audience hears Sue Augustine deliver one of her
dynamic keynote addresses, they can’t help but be
encouraged and inspired by the incredible possibilities for
their personal and professional futures.

Clients who book Sue benefit from an inspiring, memorable and motivational experience. Through her pre-program survey, she expertly tailors every keynote to individual clients and particular situations. You can count on Sue to deliver practical insights and realistic solutions in a presentation style that has been described as “proficiency with passion.” Meeting planners consistently get pats on the back for their decision to book her and bring her back time and again. As Earl Scheeler, State Farm Insurance put it, “Sue’s message, manner of delivery and stage presence are magnificent!”

Keynote Topics include:    

Turn Your Dreams into Realities

The basis for this dynamic conference keynote is Sue Augustine’s International bestseller, Turn Your Dreams into Realities … 101 Ways to Make It Happen. When it comes to achieving goals and living your dreams, Sue walks the talk and speaks to your heart from personal experience. While some people focus on the impossibilities of life, Sue Augustine chose to dream big with no limits. Now, she shares the action principles and inspiring goal-setting strategies that took her from a life devastation and adversity to where she is today – living her dreams. In this extraordinarily inspiring keynote, Sue awakens our innermost passions with her powerful strategies to take us from where we are to where we only dreamed we could go. Participants will be propelled to become visionaries, reach for the stars, identify their purpose, and devise a realistic plan to see their “impossible dreams” come true!

Program Highlights - For details please send us an email request, indicating your program of choice.

The Winners’ Formula

Professional keynote speaker Sue Augustine has made a life-long study of success. She’s discovered, by examining the principal traits of winners, that they tend to do certain things specifically. Winners know how to achieve peak performance in all areas of their lives and have fun doing it! In this popular and highly motivational keynote, Sue introduces the common thread amongst winners and the key elements running through the lives of great leaders, top producers, entrepreneurs, innovators, champions and pacesetters in all walks of life. By learning to develop these fundamental elements into a personal “winners’ formula,” participants will be empowered to achieve exceptional levels of excellence that will truly set them - and your organization - apart from the rest.

Program Highlights - For details please send us an email request, indicating your program of choice.

With Wings, There Are No Barriers

Based on the bestselling book of the same title, this fast-paced, insightful and humorous keynote is filled with real-life solutions and no-fluff motivation to experience the invigorating freedom of soaring up and over life’s obstacles. Professional keynote speaker and success expert, Sue Augustine, examines the challenges and trials we all face and shows how we can laugh at our problems while using them as catalysts for success. Sue uses the acronym W.I.N.G.S. to communicate five powerful ways we can rise above the disappointments and difficulties along life’s journey. Through limitless laughter while recognizing our true Worth, Insights, Nurturing Needs, Goals, and Strategies, Sue provides us with a blueprint for success and shows us how to reach our highest potential in business, at home and in every worthy endeavour. 

Program Highlights - For details please send us an email request, indicating your program of choice.

Free From the Past – At Last! 

In this powerfully moving and poignant message, keynote speaker Sue Augustine blends compassion and empathy with funny, real-life stories and “telling-on-herself” humor to show how almost everyone struggles with something from the past that is harming their present and crippling their future. Sue knows it’s possible to move beyond a hurtful past to a life filled with passion and purpose. Referring to her own heart-rending story, Sue leads the audience along a clear, manageable path to reconciliation with a difficult past and points the way to a future full of hope. In this inspirational keynote, people discover how to leave behind regrets, remorse, bitterness and revenge, create new beginnings from endings, and experience true transformation – personally and professionally. 

Program Highlights - For details please send us an email request, indicating your program of choice.

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